Staff Forms

General Forms

Copy and Material Request Form – This form is used to request copies and other instructional materials. Please request at least 48 hours in advance.

Key Requests – This form is to used by staff to request keys to be issued for AOP-occupied spaces.

Incident Report Form – Please use this form to report any incident which we should be aware of.

Expenditure Forms

Departmental Expenditure Request Form – This form is to be used by staff to request the process of expending departmental funds.

Personnel Forms

AOP-Student-Worker-Application – If you are interested in a Graduate Assistant or Work-Study position with AOP, please complete and submit this application to the contact noted on the job announcement.

New Hire Form – This form is to be completed by newly hired staff to capture the information required to process their addition to payroll.

Payroll and Hiring Request Form – Staff should complete this form when requesting a new staff member be added to the payroll or other payroll/hiring updates such as changes to timesheet approvers, DBEs/Retros, submission of paper timesheets, and stipends paid via payroll.